Alessandra was born in Torino, Italy and educated in Switzerland. After receiving her Bachelor's degree from New York University, she worked in management until 1995. Her move to Geneva brought her to pursue her passion for the fine arts and in 1996, she studied at the Institut Supérieur de peinture décorative Van der Kelen Logelin in Brussels specializing in woods and marbles reproduction - the art of trompe l'oeil. Returning to Geneva, she began creating décors for architects and designers in Switzerland and Italy. During this period, she began exploring new techniques and media, which would evolve into her own personal artworks. She soon discovered the beauty and malleability of working in wax, and has tested the boundaries of this unique material and all of its expressions. Utilising wax at first as a sort of "colorful cement" to form geometrical compositions, she then started to create silicon moulds to form first a series of three-dimentional wax spirals, which later evolved into the play of a wide array of forms and colors. Today, when she is not creating wax on wood, she enjoys experimenting with this material such as combining her love for food and Japanese culture therby producing wax food as a theme; serving up whimsical plates of pasta, salami & cheese boards, butter pastries and chocolate-simply for the plaisir des yeux.